Help with this model please – colleague vs self ownership.

Feedback appreciated!

C. Colleague group texts “looking forward to seeing you tomorrow”
T. It doesn’t serve me to go and she’s making me feel bad
F. Annoyed
A. I don’t reply. I question myself. I think about compromising and at least going next week or until I have a solid “reason” to actually stop. I get disappointed that I’m not keeping my word to myself to stop now and fully focus on CCP. I worry that I’m going off track. I spin in indecision. I don’t stay true to being decisive and following my own path in coaching now. I tell myself I’m wrong, bad, going to lose out or miss out. That I’ll regret it. I stop the flow of the good coaching and thought work that I’ve been doing. I stop feeling so proud of or recognising the identity shift I’d been starting to notice.
R. I don’t serve myself and I make myself feel bad.