Help with thought to create focus?

I’m feeling scattered in my goals for the rest of the year. The thoughts that have been leading to this are: “this year is unpredictable, I don’t know where to put my energy, I’m in over my head, and there’s too many small projects”. Culminating in this UM: C:2020, T: I’m not focused F: scattered A: start lots of projects, don’t finish, act like an unessentialist. R: no forward momentum. I’m working on this IM, but not having any good thoughts that sit well with me: C: same T: I’m learning to focus myself (?) or I’m learning to become an essentialist(?) F: focuses A: stick to my impossible goal and quarterly metrics, follow routine, schedule, GSD. R: forward momentum.
I’m just not loving the “learning how” thoughts or figuring it out…. feels almost indulgent to stay there…. too much passive action. Help with different bridging thoughts?