Help with Week 3 Homework

Thanks so much for all your guidance and wisdom, Brooke and coaches! My question is about Week 3 homework. My purpose is to show up fully. The thing I’m working on in scholars is managing my anxiety. The things I want to accomplish (Question #3) seem to me difficult to put into a to do list with deadlines because they’re all thoughts. But, maybe I need to do a model on that belief? For example, I want to learn to see anxiety as just a feeling in my body and a circumstance in my life. I want to believe that emails are not sabertooth cats trying to eat me. I want to believe I can finish my assignments without an internal freakout and existential crisis. So, do I just list those and put dates next to them? For Question #4, the only thing I can think of is doing models on these things. But, maybe I’m not being creative enough? I’m feeling stuck on the step-by-step of accomplishing these things beyond doing my SCS homework. Help! + Thanks!