Help with write it down, learn, move on worksheet

Hi there. I’d love to get some feedback on the “write it down, learn, move on” worksheet I completed after binge eating.

1. What and how much did I eat that wasn’t planned?
– Second yoghurt with berries, chocolate protein powder, granola
– One and a half protein bar cookie dough
– Spelt waffle with pumpkin seed butter
– 1/2 a cucumber, 1 pc radish, small piece french soft cheese, 1 tbsp hummus
– 2 handful chili cashew

2. What was the circumstance that triggered it?
I sat on my couch and was watching a SCS VIP coaching call recording. I had just finished dinner.

3. What was the thought that caused the desire or urge?
– I want a little more.
– It’s much more comfortable when I have some more.
– I was doing so good throughout the last days (so that I can allow myself some more today).
– I had a stressful encounter with my colleague today.
– I deserve that now.

4. Did I try to resist or did I just react?
I managed to pause for 2-3 seconds. I then decided to “do the binge” consciously.

5. Did I try to allow the urge? What worked and what didn’t?
I really wanted to escape feeling my emotions. I didn’t want to experience them or look at them.
Going to the kitchen for the third time, I tried to tell myself that I can decide differently each time. I still didn’t, though.

6. What did I learn?
I’m increasing my awareness of binge eating.
My brain wants to trick me by making binge eating a conscious decision.
I felt so awful right after the binge and wanted to throw up to undo it. (I didn’t.)

7. What will I do next time?
Increase the time pausing.
Debunk my brain’s trick to make binge eating a conscious decision.
Let my brain want to binge eat without acting on it.

I feel awful (physically). But I’m not beating myself up. The worksheet helps me understand what happened.
Do you have any suggestions to improve handling this the next time?
Thank you!