Help Working on Fear of Flying-2

I really need to sit with the idea that panicking for 4 hours is just fine and I can deal with it. I keep re-listening to the overwhelm podcast and reminding myself that I am not going to allow planning for this to become a situation of overwhelm. Overwhelm is the word that immediately comes to mind when I think about 4 hours on a plane. I have never accepted the panicked feelings and rolled with them for that long, short times in elevators, crowded venues, etc. I have worked so hard to overcome this, I think somehow allowing it feels like I am giving up. It feels so intense when it happens, all I want to do is get away, get out of my own skin. My hubby pointed out that I actually manage these feelings all the time in short bursts and have become quite good at it. I am having a hard time expanding my thinking to accept that I could make it for that duration.