Helping biracial daughter

My daughter is biracial. I’m white and my husband is black. We live in a very diverse liberal town. My daughter has been aware of skin color since she was 3, she’s now 7. A few times a week she’ll say things like; “I wish I was white like you”, “When I grow up I want to have 4 kids, 2 brown and 2 white.” She refers to me as having white skin, my husband as black and she as brown. She’ll ask why some parks have mainly white or brown kids in them and she notices when she is the only brown kid. How can I help her deal with her thoughts when she seems sad? Other times her comments come across as more of observations but other times she seems to ‘feel different’. She’s a bit young to explain the model to. Thanks


C- My daughter makes comments about skin color

T- I don’t want to her to feel bad or feel different about her skin color

F- sad for her

A- I’ll tell her all people and all skin colors are beautiful.

R- She continues to express concern about her skin color at times.