Helping Camp Fire Victims in Paradise, CA

I’ve been in Self Coaching Scholars for four months. I love the program! It’s taught me to believe in possibilities. This is my first Ask Brooke question.

I live in Butte County, CA where we are coping with the loss of the town of Paradise. 15,000 homes and businesses have been lost from the Camp Fire. The fire is contained, but the devastation remains. I’ve been thinking of ways I can make a difference and help my community. I started thinking of normal things to do – volunteer, donate money, sell stuff, bake stuff, buy stuff, host someone in my home, etc. And then I thought about Brooke’s purpose of wanting to be an example of what is possible.

I am feeling this tug to set a BIG goal. People here are in desperate need of housing. I want to do something to house the fire victims. So I did a model – C People need housing, T Something great is going to happen, F I feel determined/anticipation A Open up to possibilities/seek unique solutions R Fire victims will have a place to live locally.

Life coach, Lisa Martinello told me to believe in the result when I don’t know the how. Genius! I’m firmly believing in the result.
So now, here are my questions – Is there a way to fast track the How? Do the Thought and the Action lines in my model need to be more specific? If so, can you help me modify these so I can achieve the results I want to for my community?

Thank you!