Helping Others & Resentment

Sometimes I begrudge having to share myself and coach my clients. Im a health and fitness coach who creates content to share with my clients to teach them how to lose weight. I do this through video, email, webinar, FB, IG… My job is a lot of content creation speficially through sharing my life and what i do daily as the example… My struggle is that I tell myself “I dont want to” a lot. As in, coach on video today, content create for a webinar, jump on an IG live and coach on a topic…When I ask myself “why” I think its because I dont have the energy to create and deserve me time. I think of the time I have to spend on these to-do’s creating as draining and requiring parts of me I just cant give especially when “this” moment is so much better. Or is it?! I cant seem to break out of the thought loop “what do I get out of this” because im giving so much always, and then im challenging myself with the thought “well, why would you want to do this?” But my answers around money types (seems shallow), still arent big enough motivators to always want to share and be “on” as a coach. I then question if I really wanna help people with this attitude, and I feel like I do because I care so much, but more times than not my thoughts are needy of me and clingy of my attention to others. Weird!