Helping someone feel better

My husband was grumpy yesterday – unrelated to me, it was his job. I know that my husband is responsible for his own feelings, but what if I want to do something nice for him if he’s grumpy, like go out for lunch? I’m ok with letting him be grumpy, so I’m not trying to escape it or change him to make myself feel better. I am showing up as myself, and part of that is loving him and doing something nice. Or do you think that doing something nice is trying to work his manual in some way? I don’t feel like I am under his manual… I’m not doing the nice thing to try and make myself feel better…if he likes the gesture or not, I’m just showing up how I am. If it doesn’t make him feel better, I’m not making it mean anything. Is there such a thing as doing a nice thing just to do a nice thing?

Thank you!! I am loving all the work this month, by the way!!