Helplessness / Fear of helplessness

I have identified through a thought download today that I have a fear of helplessness, i.e. I am scared to find myself in a position of difficulty or suffering, with no resources to improve my situation.

I realize I’ve had this particular fear forever, and it shows up in my work as in this typical example: I started a podcast six months ago, and it is amazingly successful.

I feel I should be happy and proud, and in many ways I am, but I also have this overarching fear that I won’t be able to keep up this quality of connection with my listeners, that they’re going to change their mind and lose interest, that the numbers will drop… without me understanding why or how to fix it.

I can see this fear of helplessness is not helping me in the least, and it’s keeping me pretty passive, as if my current success was just a stroke of luck and not really my own doing, and therefore my luck could turn.

Is this an emotion I should just sit with and allow, or do you think it’s an indulgent emotion I should remove from my emotional diet?

Thank you!

Clotilde in Paris.