Hen party

I am attending the wedding of a couple of my husband’s friends and I have been invited to join the hen party. I think hen parties are pointless, especially if the bride to be has lived with the man for years already. My thought was, I don’t care about such things but if it makes her happy to have such a party, I’ll see how I can participate. I agree to join for a part of the party – the dinner. Today I received the update with the place and price.
C: the restaurant for the hen party costs 60 € per person
T: I don’t want to spend 60 € for such an event
F: upset
A: I get worked out, I complain to my husband, I prepare an answer to the message, then delete it, I let the issue swirl in my brain, I argue that that a hen party is a silly thing, I look for evidence why it is so and why it is too expensive.
R: I upset myself

Now, I think my model is clear, even though unfortunately I could not stop it from running in the first place. What I am not sure is what comes after. I canceled my attendance, stating my thoughts that it was too expensive for me for such an event and that my financial priorities are somewhere else. I basically changed my C, and then I wondered…

C: I canceled my attendance to the hen party
T: I changed my C
F: curious
A: self-coaching to explore my reasons for changing the C, understanding whether the resistance came from scarcity (don’t have the money) or from other reasons (hen parties are pointless), asking myself whether I am ok that the bride to be might be disappointed
R: ?

What the result in this case would be?