Her drinking isn’t about me

Overall, I feel so grateful for how having the model and thought work helps me with understanding my role in this C and where my thoughts and feelings are for me during and after. I appreciate any feedback and mostly, just thank you coaches for being here.

C at 7:15pm, I was on the phone with my mother, she was breathing heavily, slurring words, repeating questions and statements, saying “things aren’t going well”
T in this conversation she sounds very drunk and pessimistic and that’s her best right now
F aware
A I maintained my composure, continued to answer her repeat questions, responded kindly to her statements, gently moved the conversation to conclusion
R I remained present with her and with myself

C time after my conversation with mom
T It’s okay to feel sad and accepting at the same time
F compassion
A let the sadness flow and release, appreciate that I was able to stay calm in the conversation, remind myself that her drinking is not about me, remind myself that I can’t help her feel better, share with my husband and Ask A Coach for support, appreciate how much better this conversation went than past conversations with her when she’s drinking or upset
R I make it okay for me

Thanks again, I appreciate being able to reach out here.