Here comes the judge!

As I do thought downloads and think about changing my thoughts it’s becoming apparent to me that I have a huge problem with JUDGMENT. I am an instructional coach at a school and I am having challenges working with my colleagues in this role, for various reasons. I have a hard time not judging myself for those challenges (I’m not likeable enough, I don’t choose my words carefully enough, I’m not good at this) and honestly, sometimes I am judging them as well (why don’t you want to become a more effective teacher, why are you resisting input, why are you so defensive about every little thing). Honestly, it feels like a big judgment fest bc I also feel like they make alot of judgments about me and my intentions that are not true. Years ago I read Ekhart Tolle’s A New Earth and he says whenever you are experiencing pain, it’s due to judgement, attachment, and resistance. I used to check with myself when feeling ick and sure enough, at least one of them was there. Would you characterize all of these as individual thoughts that need to be into the model or is there a way of tackling the overarching issue of judgment? Because otherwise I could literally do 227 models a day at the rate I’m going. LOL