He’s A Douche

Hi -current issue at work which is really bothering me – in particular 1 person.
how do you avoid these looping and ruminating thoughts ?
is it really possible to choose what you think- my mind keeps gravitating to unintentional model thoughts, in-spite of trying to create new thoughts to replace . !!

C work situation for coverage
T he’s a douche, he’s on a power trip, he thinks he “won” and we “lost”
F anger that he got the satisfaction of thinking he won
A talk about him behind his back, get worked up, loop , ruminate about how we should’ve done it differently
R not helpful for me to grow in my own work , so i stay ruminating and fuming and, infact , “lose”

C work situation for coverage
T let him think he won, who cares – we got what we needed out of it , what he does or thinks has nothing to do with me
F better , less irate , satisfied
A continue to do the work i am doing without being mad or irritated,
R continue to progress as i need to and get what i and my team set out to accomplish