He’s no longer my business, how do I stop the cycle of thinking about the things he is doing?

I wrote the below and I feel infantile! (Saying this with an honest chuckle to myself). I don’t need to feel jealous! However, I understand that the brain’s conditioning is hard to break so I am compassionate with myself and acknowledge that these thoughts DO come up now and again.

Well, I am exercising against that stubborn brain but I lack imagination. I did a thought download and I labeled it “Abundance” and I wished him love and happiness (and abundance). What questions can I ask myself to get out of the “jealous” head space?

C: We broke up. He has a job that pays really well. He owns a home. He lives independently. He is seeing new people. I am broke, I had to move back home. I am not able to just “date” around, and I am restricted in my social movements and financially unstable.
T: I feel like vengeance even though I broke up with him.
F: Jealousy.
A: I recycle the the thoughts of him moving on with his life.
R: It bubbles to the surface until I break down and cry, it’s painful.