Hiding, being invisible and big impossible goal.

Hi Brooke! Impossible goal? I’m all over this. I realized my first impossible goal was too small lol, so I am going bigger. I want to go from now (earning $1000-1500 monthly) providing wellness services very part time, as a full time mom to earning $75,000 in my mind Body Coaching business in 2018!!! (I was going to shoot for 50,000, but last week I had maybe the biggest week of my year. If I maintained that for a year, i’d definitely make $50,000)

So, my Jan/Feb is going to be all about marketing. Creating and refining my leads funnels, being more active on social media, doing videos and blog posts, etc.

I pretty much loathe all of this. I have gotten over the block that I don’t want to do any of it, and I am committed to doing it anyway, even though I don’t want to.

Diving into this I have just realized that I really just want to be invisible. I don’t want to be seen. I’m a towering 6’2” and was painfully shy most of my childhood. It never helped that my height drew attention to me everywhere that I went. Every picture I am in… being really seen is something I am very resistant to. I’ve managed to get over it when it comes to speaking to small or medium size groups or my clients. I enjoy connecting deeply with people but also hold a high standard for connection and desire to keep my life private and to myself.

Is it possible to get over this or will this always be an area where I am uncomfortable and I need to just continue to get over it and do it anyway? I am writing a blog now. I am engaging more and offering things to a wider audience. I have a plan to create wellness videos (even though every cell of my body would rather run away). I’m GOING TO DO IT ALL… it would be nice if it wasn’t such an inner battle. Any support or encouragement or suggestions of what this is really all about would be helpful.

Thanks! Erica