High Cholestorol

Hi Brooke,
Im new this month to SCS and im bliwn away already by the material you teach. Ive had a major breakthrough already!!
I’m 5’6” and 149 lbs. my goal weight is between 125-130. Ive been following a high fat, high protein diet most of the summer but unsuccessfully, because I kept giving in to urges & cravings for sugar & flour. However, for the last 2 weeks I’ve been on protocal and lost 3 lbs.
last week I went to my doctor for an annual physical. My weight was roughly the sane frim last year, however my cholestorol went up from 218 to 272! My doctor recommended a low fat, high fiber diet and wants me to test it again in 6 months. I tried to explain what I’m doing but still, as I’ve heard you share, most doctors don’t research the latest findings on diets, and cholestorol numbers.
Can you refer me to an article on this type of research that perhaps I can share with my doctor?
Thank you!