High schools

I had my child in an ideal Christian, private high school as a freshman and he was happy. However the drive was far. It was separating my family and making it so we rarely saw one another. Also, the friends he was making lived very far away. We found ourselves driving him to these far cities Friday nights and weekends to see his friends, which again, make it so my family could rarely be together. We decided to switch him as a sophomore to our local public high school where his friends who live in our neighborhood all attend. After the switch, my biggest fear has come to fruition. He has developed a bad attitude a lot of the time, as his friends have who are at the local school. He says he wants to stay at the public high school and its my fault that I wanted him to switch in the first place. He said he won’t go back to the other high school. This has created a huge wedge in our relationship. Do I let it go and leave him where he is, surrounded by people who aren’t the best examples for him? Or do i put him back in his previous high school where he had made some quality friends who were on the same track as him…great grades, good attitudes, opportunities to serve on meaningful mission trips with his classmates? Or do I leave him in the public school environment where he seems to be perpetuating a negative attitude towards me continually?