Highly Sensitive People

Hi, Brooke. Let me just start by saying I’m so freaking excited to be a part of the coaching scholars program. I just signed up and am excited how much I will grow and learn when I am done. Here is my first question…have you ever worked with an HSP (highly sensitive person)? I believe I am one. I am very sensitive to a lot of things including my environment and what I put into my body. I’m really sensitive to caffeine yet I drink a little bit (and I mean very little) of it daily because I love how it makes me feel. I drink wine nightly for the same reasons but I know I probably shouldn’t. The crazy thing is I feel like both of these substances cause me to overeat. If I didn’t drink caffeine in the morning I could probably go longer without eating because I’m never hungry in the morning but the caffeine starts messing with me and I feel like I need something in my stomach to soak it up. Same with wine. I have two glasses of red wine (probably too much for a 5 ft., 46 year old woman) every night and feel like it makes me want to eat something. I am having such a hard time giving up these two things. The thought that continually comes up is, “I just want to be normal.” All my friends drink coffee. And I LOVE coffee. All my friends drink wine and I LOVE wine. I’m always trying to test the boundaries and keep “a little” in my life. Not too much to cause too much discomfort or pain in my body, but enough to cause a some discomfort and a knowing that I should just give them up. Ugh! Would love your insight. Would also love to know if you have coached a highly sensitive person. Do you know anything about this subject?