Highly Sensitive Person – Thought or fact?

hi there,

I have listened to almost all of Brookes Podcasts and never came across the topic of high sensitivity.
For example, I remember Brooke saying that she wouldn’t regard depression as a thought and that she would put it in the circumstance line of a model, but where would she put high sensitivity?

I found out a few years ago that I am highly sensitive and it was a huge relieve for me, like when someone is sick for a long time without knowing why and finally gets a diagnosis.
I would never regard being highly sensitive as a sickness though. 🙂
For me, it just explains a lot of my experiences, for example when I had strong emotional reactions (that other people in the same situation didn’t have) or body reactions (allergies, etc.).
Overall it has been positive for me to learn about high sensibility and I can now much easier care for myself without thinking that there is something wrong with me.

BUT, sometimes when I make models, this thought of being highly sensitive comes in between and yet I am not sure to put it in the thought line.
Cant it be that I perform a certain way because being so sensitive is just part of my body/mind construct?
Even if it was just a thought I couldn’t change it into “oh, you are not more sensitive then others, this is just an excuse or explanation that you make up” There is just too much evidence in my life that I am way more sensitive than an average person. 😀 And that is ok.

However, I would love to know how to work with this (thought, circumstance, reality?) in my thought work, what would Brooke recommend?
I hope she really gets to read this. I am so curious to hear what she thinks about it.

Lots of love!