hiking with a friend

I’d like to spend one week hiking with a friend of mine during the summer. She is free during one week, when we haven’t planned anything yet with my husband. So if I leave, my husband would have to take care of our daughter (and she may go to school during the daytime, they have a vacation program). My husband said: “So you don’t want to spend time with our daughter at all.” We will spend one week the three of us together. Otherwise our daughter will be with her grandparents, or one week alone with my husband at my in-laws.

I don’t see it as “the more time I spend with my daughter, the better our relationship is.” I have the right to do what I want during the vacation. But as I saw my husband being not very enthusiastic about my idea, I said I won’t go. Now I wonder if I could ask my parents to spend the week with my daughter, so I wouldn’t have to ask the permission of my husband?