Hired a friend, now feeling regret

I hired a friend of mine to do some work for me right before the pandemic hit (6 weeks now). She tells me she’s working on the project but I haven’t seen anything yet. I’m trying not to make this mean I made a mistake in hiring her but I’m experiencing anxiety in thinking this will ruin our friendship.

C She hasn’t delivered
T This is going to ruin our friendship.
F Anxiety
A Stress out, check-in with her, wait, get mad, talk to other people, revisit my decision
R I’m ruining our relationship.

C She hasn’t delivered
T We can get this back on track or we can agree to cancel the project
F Confident
A Reach out and ask for clarification and a time line. Remember that there are extenuating circumstances. Allow space for myself and for her right now.
R I feel confident about the outcome, whichever way it goes.

Problem is, I totally don’t believe my IM. I’m currently tingling with anxiety just thinking about this. But I also know I don’t want to keep waiting. This is a really good friend of mine and I feel that either way, our friendship will suffer (I can wait, I can cancel, I can ask for more concrete deadlines). I feel like more waiting will only exacerbate the situation. Hmm maybe these thoughts are optional? I guess I can choose to have a good relationship with her regardless of how she feels about me?

Help please!

Thank you