His business overlaps with my business!

I’ve been having thoughts related to this again. This evening I even brought up the idea that someone we were discussing is only having their problem because of the thoughts they are having. My husband said “Preach!” My struggle revolves around wanting him to find the same amazing results as I’ve been finding with life coaching and also wishing his commentary/ideas about me would change. I know it is my manual speaking, but shouldn’t husbands support and encourage wives? When will he stop coming into a room and pointing to me in a joking manner and just say “SHOWS!” When will he take the coaching I’m doing seriously? (Would Byron Katie ask: When will I take the coaching I’m doing seriously??) I know that I can stay in my own business, but his business overlaps with my business. I also want to evolve with him in our relationship. I know I can’t change him or change my circumstance to feel better, but I would like for some sort of goal in my life to be changing this circumstance.
But are they different – no.
So is it the truth that they should be different – no.
Will he find his truth in his own time in his own life – yes.
So I need to stay in my own business and do me and what the best for me at any one time. Wanting him to change is against the truth. What if I want to tell him that I would like for him to stop saying certain things? If I just come to peace with those things he says, then it won’t matter that he says them. Isn’t it important to teach my son how polite and proper is? Isn’t it rude to walk into a room and immediately start throwing out judgements about someone? I believe that he says those things because he judges himself about them – he also does a lot of buffering and it seems like he is pegging me with it to feel closer to me. Joking in a way.
C: Husband comes into room, points finger at me, smiles, and says “SHOWS!”
T: He is trying to peg me with being lazy and avoiding my work
F: Annoyed and frustrated
A: Scowl at him and defend myself against his accusations since I’m actually listening to my life coaching video or doing work
R: I peg myself with wanting to be lazy and avoid work.
Do I just keep asking him to stop saying things like that, or is just ignoring it and going directly to my son to explain things the way to go?