His Company

My husband started a painting company. He is the one who physically gets the jobs and goes to the jobs and does the work. I take care of the business side – accounting, invoices, taxes, returns, business cards etc. I don’t feel like it is my company because I’m not doing the work and what I do in the company is so easy and natural for me.

By the end of March the company will have already made over 100k and these are our first 3 months of being in business.

I want to feel like this is my company too and that we are a team creating an amazing company and lifestyle for our family.

Here are my models. Any tips would be great!

C H Renovations Company
T That’s his company
F Disengaged
A Feel proud of him and all that he has created, do the work but at the bare minimum, don’t acknowledge my part in the company or the work I’ve done in it, focus my attention on my current full time job (daycare) what “I” have to do (school, keep working etc.), make plans my future that includes me to keep working full time, complain that I don’t want to be working in my current job, don’t get excited about the possibility of me quitting and being home with our kids and working on his company.
R ? Don’t acknowledge my part in the company

C H Renovations Company
T We are in this together
F Driven? United? Limitless?
A feel proud and acknowledge what we have created to this point, feel driven to organize, streamline, advertise, think of the possibilities for us. Be excited and grateful to be able to quit my job soon and work on this company and spend more time with my family. Show up like a woman who makes 500k easily.
R take responsibility for my part in the company and feel driven to create and provide value for my husband