His Money, My Husband & New Thoughts

So I am struggling with my thoughts about money & my husband.

My husband brings in 90% of our income.
He has created our savings, or money markets, our 401K…all under him—-his hard work.
I have not contributed a monetary dime to it.

I have always struggled with that but have been working on my thoughts around it and how to really take action in my business and change it.

This morning I told my husband that I was donating my time to a local small business on Sunday and bringing my uncle in to help and personally paying him $200 to help him because he is still out of work.
He had a fit.

We waste more than $200 in weekend on nonsense so I didn’t think it was a big deal.
BUT the kicker is he said “We are supposed to be curbing our spending so that we can pay down our credit cards” —–
YET daily we get packages of him spending 100’s of dollars on clothing and things he wants.
Which I never question – never say anything about –why would I?

In that moment I wanted to tell him I am not the one over spending—–but I didn’t want to argue and the THOUGHT—-who am I to say this? He makes all the money.
I immediately just told myself I will just stop all purchasing of anything for the next couple months and I NEED to get my business up and running because I really hate being in this position.

He always says “We created all this together” —but his true feelings come out in these situations.

I am thankful that I have learned emotional intelligence here so that I didn’t over react and respond – BUT how do I create thoughts that are positive here and that move me to generate money in my business?