Hitting goals by deadline

I’m wondering how you typically coach people around hitting their goals by a specific deadline. I’m a weight loss coach and so many of my clients will say things like, “I hit my weight goal for the week!” which is great, but I’m also having some mental blocks to congratulating people for hitting goals that seem out of their control.

That is, you can take all the action to lose 2 pounds in a week, and maybe you will, but there’s also a lot of factors that impact our weight. It seems wrong to focus on the number that is out of our control. I think I’m having this block because I’m personally working on making more money. I want to book 2 clients by February 7th, and it seems like I can take all the right action and still not meet this goal (potentially).

Isn’t it better to focus on and reward the action over the result? When you are working with clients who want to hit weight or income goals, what role does setting the specific number play vs. setting the goals based on action? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this.