Hmmmm, Manual for Gift Giving ?

If I’m being 100% honest, I don’t like giving my brother and his family gifts. They rarely seem grateful. They barely even acknowledge it and/or say Thank you. I’m judging myself for allowing it to bother me. But in my opinion, it’s common courtesy to say thank you or acknowledge the gift you were given. I am struggling to find helpful thoughts. Instead I find myself continuing to give gifts and then resenting them. Which I know is a choice I’m making.

But I don’t like either option: 1. Give gifts and just accept I will likely not get a “thank you.” 2. Discontinue gifts.

I know the right reason to give gifts is NOT for the response you will get. That is probably why I am really judging myself for these thoughts. I know better. But then I think they (the adults anyway) should know to be thankful for gifts. Haha, it’s a messy brain 😜.

C- Christmas gift was not acknowledged.
T- they don’t care, why bother ?
F- annoyed
A- think unhelpful thoughts, over analyze why I continue to give gifts.
R- resent family and then judge myself for it.