Holding me back….from my dream!! :(

Hi Brooke

I have a stagnant life coaching business, I don’t know if i would even call it a business as I only coached a dozen or so people and then I had some negative (she believed we had a conflict of interest, her email was full of praise for me as a person coach and kind soul, however all i took from it is that i cant work with you anymore!) feedback from one client so I then decided to put this whole practise on hold….that was last year!

Since joining SCS, and listening to your work I have been trying to find the thought that led me to feel i needed to take the action to stop! I keep going back to the thought she “thinks I am fat!”….which i know intellectually is crazy, but every time something negative happens i always relate it back to because I am overweight. I am in two minds some days about my weight, some days I am ok with it and I say it is okay that your body is not perfect but it is your body and you love it, and other days i feel real anxiety about not being who I think I should be physically. When I am working on content and concepts I often tell myself “you dont have to be thin to be sucessful and share you knowlege to help people, be loved by your people and an awesome teacher, you just have to be authentic” I love Oprah and as she teaches a life of joy, happiness and gratitude. This is an area of coaching I am considering focusing on.

What are your thoughts?

How do i overcome the shame of physcial appearance (some days) holding me back from contributing what I know will be amazing to my people. Thoughts like do I have to be thin to teach being happy and grateful, I am happy and grateful in my life now that i can manage my mind, but i dont think others would agree that you can be both at the same time. Should i use your purpose of being an example of what is possible, by showing up and teaching, being authentic at this weight (while i work through your stop overeating program). Ultimately i know skinny is not happy! Been there done that! I am in such a place of stagnation.