Holding on to negative thoughts…

Dear Brooke,
I’m three weeks into this course.
Yesterday I consciously held on to thoughts that made me mad. I wanted to be mad and angry at my husband. I didn’t want to create a new thought. I was too angry to create a new thought. I felt I’d be letting him off the hook. If I create a new thought, he will never change. He will never motivate the way I want to him. He will never clean his mess up, he will never get organized etc etc etc. It’s kind of comical thinking about it, because honestly, this is a pattern we have – and me being pissed and storming around has never caused HIM to change. My question is – what do you suggest a person do when a part of their thoughts are “is… don’t want to make a new thought right now , too pissed, and if I change my thoughts I’m denying the reality here – the other person is WRONG” and another part says… darling… need a new thought. What could the new thought be…???