Holding Space and Figuring Out How to Show Up

I have a son-in-law that is an only child. His parents are very sickly phisically and emotionally. My husband and I recently bought a house for him and my daughter to live in that has space for his parents in the basement apartment. They are scheduled to move in this week. (My daughter snd her family worh the parents moving in May 1.) Last night my son-in-law’s mother attempted suicide because she was denied disabilty. She is ok ans is upset with herself for what she did. She may be sdmitted to a psyche ward or released from the hospital today.
I was already a little worried about the inpact on my daughter of having her sickly in-laws home with her all day, but now the situation has escalated to suicide risk. I’m trying to hold space for this woman who has constantly suffered with emotioanl and physical pain from being raised by an abusive mother. Im trying not to judge her or wonder why she can’t get her life together. I feel compassion and love for her but also pity.
So now I find myself in the position of being her landlord. With her disabilty denied she may not be able to make the rent. Her husband is already on disabilty so they do have some income. I inexplicably feel like things will work out so I’m not too worried about the money or that she will try this again with our grandkids living in the same house.
I just need help deciding how i want to show up and think about this situation as a landlord and a compassionate human being. Can you suggest some thoughts that might be helpful? All I’ve got so far is that I want to hold space. The other piece is how to be or show up in a business sense. As a landlord I don’t want to start running a welfare operation. I’m an experienced landlord and there comes a point where business is business and there are bills to be paid regardless of anyone’s personal situation. Thanks so much for this program! It’s been a game changer for me-and I already loved my life when i started!