Holding space for my husband

My husband has felt stomach pain for a few weeks now.
He’s not acting on it and just complains about it. He’s in a bad mood most of the day.
I’m a health coach and I specialize in stomach pain (of course ;)). My husband doesn’t want my help which I’m fine about. What I’m finding hard though is the complaining and the dark mood.
This morning, after doing some thought work around the situation and my thoughts about it, I came to the realization that my only job here, instead of wanting to fix it, is to hold space, as I do for my clients.
Thing is, when it comes to my husband, I just don’t feel as confident.
My question is: how can holding space look like here? My answer is: let him complain, allow his emotions to be in the room and process my own feelings of discomfort which push me to want to take action.
Am I on the right track here?
Thank you.