Holidays with another woman

Hi Brooke and Coaches

So my partner has always gone on walking and camping holidays with two groups of male friends. Recently a younger (than me) single woman has joined them, initially with my partner’s encouragement. The idea of him sharing a holiday experience with another woman is upsetting to me but I’m trying to use the model to get a good result for both of us, as my partner does not want to miss out on these holidays and feels he should be able to go away with other women in a group. I get what he’s saying intellectually I just can’t get to feeling good about it.

So my unintentional model is

C. There is a woman, there is a holiday and there are friends

T. He wants to spend holiday time with another woman,
holidays (vacations) are precious,
people bond on holidays,
camping under the stars is romantic
Here we go again with this same argument

F. Threatened, mean, jealous, small minded, scared of same argument

A. Arguments

R. Stalemate

Here is my intentional model

C. There is a woman, there is a holiday and there are friends

T ….

F. Secure, happy, loved

A. He enjoys his holiday

R. We both enjoy time away from each other doing different things

I would love some help/suggestions for the thoughts that could get me there. If I can conquer my jealousy using the model, I can conquer the world! Also I’m finding it hard to do March homework, especially the positive thought downloads, when my head is not on work or feeling terribly positive.

Thanks so much