Holy crap. Momentum and this month’s focus on “how to get things done”


Omg. So my month’s “get it done” goal is to have a paid offer on my website by Sept. 30th at 6pm. I’ll share my brain dump list on another post, but I just completed the content for my opt-in that connects to this specific paid offer in like 30-40 minutes versus the 2 hours I had scheduled, which allowed me to crush the next items that I needed to complete for my “get it done” goal. At this rate, I may complete my “get it done” goal before September 30th. Lol.

Ummm… who is this girl? Finishing ahead of time?

I feel on fire and I’m almost in disbelief, because in the past it’s taken me so much longer. Gah. This is good. I’m excited!

Also, there’s this little thought in the back of my mind that says, “you’re not gonna keep this up” and I’ve responded back with, “Noted. And watch me.”

My personal mantra throughout this process has been— “I keep my word, even when it’s hard.” and “I only make promises that I keep.”

Thank you,
Melodee Forbes