Home & Mind Overhaul

Hi everyone! So, I cleaned out 2 closets this week (bedroom and office) as well as under my bed and my desk. As the week began, I felt like a failure because I was really struggling with what to keep and what to let go. Things got better as the week went on. I realized I had little trouble donating clothes, shoes and décor that no longer serve me, which was a real win! The hardest part was getting rid of the endless amount of cards I had accumulated, some dating back to 1989! Some cards were from loved ones who have since passed on. How could I get rid of those??? I haven’t looked at any of these cards, well, probably since they were given to me, but I always felt bad tossing them in the recycling bin. Now, I’m feeling a bit of a loss without them even though they clearly did not pass the 3-question test. By doing a thought download, I realized that those cards represented love and memories for me and a nice part of my past. I thought getting rid of them meant getting rid of that love and memories and being disloyal to the card senders while having no happy record of my past, which, of course, it doesn’t. It’s like without those cards, there was no “proof” that I was loved. Instead of judging those thoughts, I’m showing myself compassion and understanding, which is a nice change of pace for me! When I give someone a card, I couldn’t care less if they get rid of it, yet I always felt compelled to hold onto mine! Awareness has really been key this week to helping me declutter my life, knowing eventually my brain will follow. It’s still difficult, my brain isn’t yet totally convinced that this is a good thing, but I’m going to continue “cleaning house” and trusting that it will get easier.
Just wanted to share that despite the rocky start to the month, I’m confidently moving forward and I’m excited about all that’s to come. I’m also loving that I have more space, which has been a great motivator to continue!!
Thank you for all you do. I’m really happy to be here:)