Homework #5 – 8

I just found myself writing doing hw of the negative circumstances of my life. With very little detail and then crossed it all out on the booklet and am writing this on a separate piece of paper. I can see I wouldn’t want anyone to read this if I died. I guess I have some secrets that I don’t want to be out in the open. Mostly I wouldn’t want my kids to find this and read this. What do you think about this? Here are circumstances just to give you an idea (i wrote the details in parentheses). Childhood (my dad was an functional alcoholic (but worsened) and mom was on the verge but when she was older we had the most amazing relationship – growing up i was on total reaction at every moment) i wrote childhood. A. 12 years ago (A stands for my husband who I didn’t know at the time was addicted to drugs which was a very stressful time to say the least of all this hidden stuff that eventually came out – he is completely sober but my kids have no idea or don’t remember even tho he doesn’t drink) moms house – (had squatters living in there (doing drugs) courts and lots of debt created from that – really thanks to my brother) after my mom died it was a very stressful one of the worst experiences ever). Brother (is not currently living a life that is functional on the verge of being homeless) — so my kids are unaware of any of this. What do you think about what this means for my own mind and organization? Is keeping secrets like totally screwing up my life? Maybe but I don’t want them to judge anyone . Both parents are gone. I currently haven’t seen my bro in months – my kids think of him as funny and neutral. And he is! I guess I’m trying to control this and this is going to keep holding back .