Homework and curriculum

I have a question. I commit to doing my homework while going through the curriculum. But I realized that every time I learn something, there is a homework to do, which is cool and I do it.

But with time, I realize that there is a lot of homework to do (eg. Thought download, believing new things , models, Monday Hour One etc.). So as I go with the curriculum, I increase my time of coaching and doing HW everyday. But wondering if it should take me that much time.

Also, I do watch the live coaching Sessions, I learn new stuff, like Monday Hour One, but realize it will take more and more time to be efficient and learn it by doing. Otherwise, it’s just consuming information.

Any advice on that? Should I do one month per activity? I like it for now, but afraid to be overwhelmed and to consume instead of working on my projects. Although, I can see the benefits.
Thank you!