homework february

hi there

so i have some question to the homework for this months
1. brooke tells us to do a thought download everyday. I’ve found that if i plan to do it at a certain time i won’t get a lots of thoughts on paper but if i do it during office hours WHENEVER i have a lot going on in my brain. I have much more to write down. sometimes i do it 2-3 times per day. is that ok?
also sometimes i get caught up with the thoughts that i put on my paper. I want to fix them or just deal with them. Don’t see the point of doing it.

2. feeling the emotion. so my main emotion tonight was anger because of the thoughts about my mother in law’s behaviour. how can i feel it without getting angrier?

3. direct my negative emotion. so i want to feel ..
and brooke says we should think about it like a play. we will try on an emotion an play it. But there is one thought always coming up.
“it feels so fake”, “it is forced”, “it isn’t true, when something doesn’t come natural to me”. So how can i change those thoughts so i can do the best for this months homeworks?

4. also when i do the 5 questions everyday and then choose the emotion i want to feel and then don’t explore my negative thoughts but just put on a positive emotion i want to feel. does that really work? i mean, i’ve been here in scs since 3 months and you taught us that we have to dig deep and check out all our thoughts to understand why we feel a certain way in order to change it than. but now we just acknowledge it and put on a good feeling emotion. does it work in the long term sence?

thanks so much!