homework help

Hi Brooke,

Thank you for the coaching on the VIP call about going back to work. Super helpful! I have a question about today’s homework.

I have chosen as my purpose: to love and to bring more justice to my corner the world. (I know that sounds a little lofty but I really love our legal system and our attempts as a society to articulate justice through it. It is a really engaging and fun thing for me to be a part of.)

In doing today’s homework, I realized that in order to be able to pursue this purpose at my the highest level, I need to eliminate buffering from my life. I am have eliminated alcohol and feel great on that front. But I notice that I am now sometimes choosing to buffer with food instead. So the action I am going to take towards my purpose this month is to commit to a no sugar and no flour protocol, to allow urges with food in addition to alcohol and to manage my mind with daily SCS work.

Here is the thought models I need help with:
C: Eating plan
T: I’ll start tomorrow because we are going to the water park today where no outside food is allowed
F: unmotivated
A: Eat whatever is available
R: Delay pursuing purpose

C: Eating plan
T: I can commit to this today no matter the circumstances
F: motivated
A: Follow plan even if it means delaying eating
R: Commitment to purpose

I am a little unclear on the results in both the unintentional and intentional models. Are they correct?