Homework Models on my Job

So I voluntarily brought a ton of work home with me, which took a lot longer than I anticipated (like a big chunk of my weekend) and I had the thought, I shouldn’t be doing this, this isn’t my dream job, I should be focusing on my writing, etc. The work, however, needed to be done and bringing it home alleviated the pressure of trying to cram it all in at work, plus my boss genuinely appreciated it and promised to compensate me for it, so good news/bad news here ( I am really learning the concept/value of life’s 50/50!)
Can you give me some insight/suggestions on my models please?
C: my job
T: My job does not inspire me
F: uninspired
A: indulge in emotional childhood, buffer, hate my job which contributes to general negativity at work and home
R: I don’t create my own inspiration
C: my job
T: It is my job and not my job’s “job” to inspire me
F: curious
A: live in emotional adulthood, show up as the hard worker I want to be and discover what inspires me, realizing that I create my dream job by the thoughts I think
R: I create my own inspiration.
Any room for improvement here?
As always, thanks so much!!!