Homework Question

Hi Brooke and team!

I am new to scholars, and am loving every minute of it. Thank you for your clarity with suggestions and guidance. I like that you encourage us to not get overwhelmed by the abundance in material. I also like that you encourage us to jump in wherever we left off, so we don’t get bogged down by overwhelm after missing a couple days.

I am doing the homework, and am feeling a sense of uncertainty whenever I get to question 5. What are some examples of how I can generate an emotion for myself? Are we focused on what types of thoughts we could be having in order to generate that emotion? Or could they be actions as well?

For example:

3. I want to get more intimate with my piano practice by learning some riffs or chord progressions by other recording artists.

4. I want to feel receptive to fuel this action.

5. To generate this emotion for myself today, I will breathe deeply as I think about going to the piano to learn other people’s music (I tend to get anxiety, or procrastinate, so I figured breathing could help me lean into my fear of inadequacy or failure). I will also choose to not pressure myself to have to accomplish too much. I will rather focus on humility and the joy of learning new music. I will also have faith in the universe and my subconscious abilities to soak in new music.

Is this the right track? Any suggestions or feedback?