Homework Question

I need some help with this month’s homework. I want to work on my work and money situation. If I take the thoughts from question 1 and 2 and do a model it doesn’t look right. I’m wondering how to use this month’s homework with my money story. I’ve only tried this one day so far and already feeling it won’t work.
1. Choose one significant thing you want to change from your past and write it here: I want to change my thoughts around money and work.
2. What is the current story you have been telling about this event? I have to work hard to make money. I am limited in how much I can do and make.
3. What are the FACT of this event? I get bored or burned out from my job so I quit and look for something new. I’m out of work a lot due to starting over. I’m in the process of looking again. The jobs I find are demanding and low paying. They require commuting one hour each way. The work requires education, training a lot of concentration to survive.
4. What is the story you want to tell yourself about what this event means? Work is fun. I can do this. I have great stamina. I’m paid very well.
5. What can you keep from this event that is powerful and strengthening? I am well equipped to succeed. Other people can do it so can I. What can you let go of? It’s too hard
Day 1
1. What was great about yesterday? It was a hot sunny day. I got a massage. I watched a movie. I lost one pound.
2. What wasn’t great about yesterday, and how can you change it in your mind to make it great? I was too tired to apply for any jobs. How can you tell the story so it truly was good? I took a break from job hunting and enjoyed my day fully.
3. Create the two contrasting models and compare them. (Take the thought that makes it not great and run a model. Then take an alternative thought and run a new model.)
Unintentional Thought Pattern
C – Job
T – I don’t want to apply for any jobs today
F – Tired
A – Stop the search and go watch a movie
R – No job applications get sent
Intentional Thought Pattern
C – Job
T – I’m going to give myself some self-care
F – Feel relaxed
A – I get a massage and watch a movie
R – I take care of me