Honestly expected this to be harder. Trying to manage expectations now.

Hi Brooke and team!
I joined on Tuesday and immediately dove in to the weight loss materials in ‘assets’. Love that seminar. On Wednesday I started right away with flour and sugar elimination and 16/8 fasting. I am all in.
So far, no problem! Whaaaat? I have a lot of weight to lose – around 70lbs or more. I honestly expected this to be way harder. I feel terrific! I’m fascinated in the science part so I’ve been reading ‘the obesity code’ to get up to speed. Mind blown. I’m not finding an answer to my question there or in the weight loss training materials – that is, when is the hardest part of the flour and sugar elimination / fasting piece? The thought work I’m already on to – I’ve been listening to your podcasts for almost 2 years so I think my mind is getting there now. I’m working the model and switching up thoughts but honestly this is more in relation to shopping online and interacting with my family which now feels clearer somehow and more real. So, should I be ramping up for huge withdrawals etc heading into week 2 of this? Want to stay like this forever. Please help me manage my expectations.