Honoring my Decisions

I’m coming up on a year in scholars and I’ve been working hard to try and have more self compassion. I’ve come a long way from constantly judging myself and hating on myself, where I’m working on new beliefs despite not having results yet. However, I’m having a hard time not judging myself when I face the fact that I’ve not made any “physical” headway on my “impossible goal” to be at my goal weight (I’m the same weight as when I started last year). I have learned throughout the course of the year though that self hating gets me nowhere as well, so I’ve committed to not doing that. However, I find my mind going from one goal to another… building my business, losing weight, and overdrinking. I’ve learned to manage urges and have made a lot of progress in terms of awareness/ improving habits with both overeating and overdrinking/ and have decreased my all or nothing thinking that doesn’t serve me. However, I go from one goal to another and dabble… i see myself doing this and know it’s why I’m not gaining traction anywhere and question myself what it’s really gonna take to honor my own decisions. Paying for scholars each month I thought would make me truly commit, but I continue to betray myself and my goals. I’ll own I will often just say “screw it, I don’t have what it takes, it’s not meant to be” and I put my business on “hold” until I’m getting more of the results I want in my life, when in fact I’ve made so much progress just not “visible” in terms of my impossible goal. I want to set myself up for success and improve my train of thought to gain traction on my goals. I keep telling myself I’m my own perfect client and when I get this down I’m going to be a rock star coach! I guess my official question is how can I better manage my mind when it comes with how to spend my time and staying on track with my goals. I believe partially the answer is constraint so I tell myself I should focus on one thing and get that down then apply the learned skills to my other goals… but my brain tells me I’m missing the mark on my other goals. I don’t want to diminish the progress I’ve made, but I keep wondering what it’s going to take to get out of my own way once and for all!! Is it possible to juggle more than one goal at a time? I want to be sure to set up my second year and impossible goal the right way. Thanks so much