Hope and Fear vs Belief

Hi- Last week’s coaching call with Brooke, she told someone applying to a job to fully 100% believe that she can get the job. I want to apply this to my situation, which is that my new bf is unsure whether he wants to keep dating me, and is taking some time for himself.

As I wait out what he comes back to me with, I am working on the intentional thoughts that I am sure I want to be with him, but that I can be self sufficient and not attached to the outcome of him wanting to stay with me. I want to believe that he will say yes, and so I am leaving room in my calendar for him. BUT… how is this belief different than hoping/wishing for a certain outcome? Isn’t hope a different side of the same coin as fear, where we only hope something happens because we want it to feel good, and we are attached to wanting that feeling? How can someone believe in a result without being attached to the outcome?