Hope and Numbers

I just listened to the podcast episode on Hope and I have a follow up question.
My big goal this year is to be making a livable consistent monthly income from my new business by end of year (I’ve defined that as $4,000/month take home for now). I am super committed to this goal and making it happen. One big action I’m taking to make that goal happen is launch my first digital course. I have my first launch ever in April… you could say I am also 100% committed to launching my course in April. However, I don’t feel like I can say I’m committed to a certain outcome of that launch. I’m confused here because I feel like this is where hope feels appropriate. For example, running the numbers, I hope at least 30 people purchase my course. But I feel like I can only control so much of the outcome. I am committed to showing up and doing everything I can to get as many people excited to take my course as possible, but I don’t feel I can say, “I am committed to having 30 people buy my course.” Did I misunderstand the podcast episode? Or perhaps, should there be a way to frame my commitment to people purchasing my course? I confused myself trying to think about this. πŸ™‚