Hope podcast question

Hi Brooke- I listened to the podcast on hope and I have a question. I completely understand that hope does not inspire action. However, despite all my efforts I ultimately have no control over my sons autism and believe it will take its course. That being said we have learned alot of things we can do to help him such as turning on music he likes when he starts getting upset. My husband and I have both felt intuitively that everything with him will turn out okay and continue to do whatever we can to help him including recently pulling him out of school so I can teach him (it has actually been one of our best moves). But I still hope that he will one day be able to live independently. My question is- is there anything wrong with that? I feel like I hope in context- if that makes sense. I feel like I don’t worry excessively like I used to about the future. I feel like I enjoy the moment more with him. I feel like I am more relaxed in my role now so I can do what is best for him. But I still just have that hope for his future. Maybe a better question is this: Is it okay to hope for some things? Thank you! Gina