Hopeful -1,2, 3

I find myself coming up with the “Hopeful” pretty often in the “F” line. For example,

C: 1 year job contract
T: I don’t know what I want to do
F: Undecided
A: Take no action
R: End of year, my contract ends and I take whatever is available to me instead of making a deliberate and intentional move towards something I want


C: 1 year job contract
T: I have a year to lean how to manage my mind
F: Hopeful
A: I work at discovering myself
R: At the end of the year, I have internal direction

I have “undecided” as a #3 indulgent. I have “hopeful” as #1. However, as it keeps coming up, I look at it and reflect on it. . . and it does not seem to come from a place of strength or empowerment. I was wondering what you thought? Is this like an “overwhelmed” or “anxious” . . . a mask for something deeper?

Sincere thanks.