Hormonal and Physical Challenges

Hi Brooke,
I have been listening to your podcasts and read your Coaching 101 book about 3 months ago. I listen to your podcasts daily on my commute to and from work. My 2 most favorite podcasts are Future Focus and Morning Thoughts. You have changed my life more than you know. I tried for years to stop drinking yet on October 4th, I took my very last drink and used your model to help me quit. However, I am still plagued with the “time of the month mood changes”. I have tried to self-coach myself out of a tense, anxious and want to strangle someone kind of day or rather week I should say. I have tried to use the model yet physically, I feel like crap and it is hard to ignore the hot flashes, irritability, lack of sleep and lack of patience. I noticed that while several small things that are re-occuring themes throughout the day such as difficult co-workers are still there every day and I am able to use the model to help myself change my thoughts, it just seems so much more difficult when I am about 7 days away from my period. I know you always say in your podcasts (and I totally buy into this belief) that we cannot feel great 100% of the time. I get it. Heck, 7 days is actually just 25% of the time if I count that. However, I was wondering if you might be able to help me with a strategy to address the physical and chemical challenges to help me to be able to use your model to at least soften these symptoms. I have tried everything – even tried tricking my mind in to thinking that I no longer have a period but that never works. I also just recently signed up for the Scholars course and I am very excited about this. Any help or guidance you could provide would be so greatly appreciated. I would like to exhaust all of my options before I throw in the towel and try a bio-identical hormone replacement program.

Kind Regards,
Christine Spencer