Hostility in the home part 2

Thank you for answer coaches,

To confirm:
To clean up my c line – my partner is upset with me… needs to change to.

C – my partner said words in a tone of voice

C – my partner has said that he is assessing his options if he wants to stay

C – my partner says words to my daughter

Then working through the model.
Are these ok?

Secondly, quick question on empaths –
I’m interested to understand what are your thoughts and extended coaching techniques for empaths?

My understanding of empaths is that they quickly take have a very fast thought process between thought/feeling.

My idea/ thought is that someone with amplified feelings/actions/reactions toward a circumstance is firstly an ideal coaching candidate, and given time and energy to learn the techniques will flourish. (My daughter for one).

Do you have any suggestions of how to how to help open conversations in a non-threatening way to help shine a light on emotional responses – with your kids?

Brooke is very direct – “now you listen to me..” 😊. “The truth is ….”. And the coaches that I have met in my one on one coaching have been very understanding and friendly in shining the light on me and my responses.

I am choosing the thought – I am a demonstration of what is possible in creating a calm home.

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Thank you and thank you again!!!