Hostility in the home

Hi coaches,

I am doing amazing work with my thoughts and am really making peace and awareness to them.

The situation is my kids who love me dearly don’t think I’m ok.

They think I’m suffering and are over compensating and judging my partner because according to them he hurt me.

But I can see that my partner is just disappointed and is processing his own emotions and frustrations I am not taking on board his “attitude”

I am showing up with my clear head and explaining / expressing that my feelings are calm and explaining I’m ok.

I guess it takes time for loved ones to catch up that we are changing.

I’m continuing to ask myself “what would love do here”… and taking action.

Alas there is so much uncertainty in the world right now which is also shining a light of uncertainty in our home.

The feeling and I would like to create in myself and demonstrate for my family are calm / open and peaceful.

C – partner being upset with me
T – he will be upset with my kids
F – defensive / angry
A – call him out and stick up for my kids even if his criticism is factual. Over compensate for the kids and giving them more.
R – I’m at upset with self and partner and kids

C – partner being upset With me
T – I focus on my own self care right now.
F – calm
A – don’t react, stay calm, breath, demonstrate compassion and understanding for his frustrations.
R – I am clear and manage my reactions.